We turn your home into your castle

We install the most up to date products in our systems

We make using your security system as easy as dialing the telephone

There are two different product manufacturers that we use for burglar and fire alarm installations. The size and construction of the house or building generally determines which product will be used.

Securing Your Home

We also offer a product line from DSC that gives expanded flexibility to almost every type of home or structure.

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Blue Knight Security Systems offers the same premium level of service excellence to all customers, large or small.


We offer a full line of Burglary and Fire Detection Systems, and we can monitor for low building temperatures, Carbon Monoxide and floods as well.  We also install a full line of CCTV cameras, monitors and recorders that can be viewed via smartphone or on the Internet.


We offer Burglary and Fire detection equipment manufactured by DSC and Honeywell.  We also use CCTV equipment from various manufacturers, like CNB, Flir-Digimerge and Samsung.

Crime Prevention Tips

John is an accredited Crime Prevention Practitioner, and makes suggestions to make your home more burglar resistant.