Halloween Safety Tips

  • Never let children go “Trick or Treating” alone. Young children should be accompanied by an adult, and the older children should go with friends.
  • A parent or guardian should accompany young children right to the front door of homes that they approach. And NEVER approach a house that is not well lit.
  • Parents should only allow children to knock on doors in neighborhoods that the parents are familiar with.
  • Tell children of all ages to NEVER go into any home unless they are accompanied by the parent or guardian.
  • Parents and children alike should remain on the sidewalk and stay clear of parked vehicles.
  • Only cross the streets at marked crosswalks, and advise children to NEVER walk out from between two parked cars.
  • Children should carry a glowstick and at the very least they should have reflective dots on their costumes.
  • Parents should carry a flashlight (and make sure to install fresh batteries.)
  • Halloween masks should be loose fitting, so as not to impede a child’s breathing, and the eye holes should be large enough so that the child can see his surroundings clearly.
  • Once the “trick or treating” is over, parents should inspect all treats before the children are allowed to consume them.
  • Lastly, if the parent gets a feeling that there might be something strange about the person who answers the door, A) mark down the address, B) report it to the police and C) keep any of those treats separate for closer inspection.
  • Years ago when there was a scare of tainted candy, I used to attach return address labels to the treats that I gave out. I inspected all candies that I put in the bowl, and wanted to assure parents that these treats were OK.

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