A Flood Detector Saved my basement.

Some months ago, I was at work.  At about 9:50AM I received a call from the central monitoring station.  The operator stated that the flood sensor in the basement of my home had been activated.  At first I thought that it must be a false alarm, as I was certain that I hadn’t left any water running in the house.  But then I figured “better safe than sorry.”  I drove home (I only live about a half mile from my business,) to find that the 3/4″ water line running into the whole house water filter had separated from the connector.  It was pouring water full bore onto the basement floor.

I quickly shut off the water and started sucking up the water with a wet/dry vacuum, and estimated that only about 150 gallons of water had run onto the floor.  My schedule would have kept me at work until well after 7:00PM that night, and there would have been over a foot of water on the floor by then.  Had the water flowed that long, it would have ruined my washer, dryer, a small refrigerator and a free standing gas heater.  There were other numerous items that would have been ruined by the flood.

Thank God that John from Blue Knight had the presence of mind when he evaluated the house for a security system to suggest a flood sensor as there was no sump pump.  The house has always had an otherwise dry basement.  All that was ruined in the flood, was a small area rug that I was able to replace for under $100.  Thanks again John for saving my home.


Les Gwyn-Williams (Owner) Terry’s Family Pharmacy
Verona, New Jersey